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that -- village that wants to fix it by banning apros apostros on signs. this is just dumbing down of the english language. annot for it. recyst in the council. resist. send me funny signs with misspellings. i love those. >> bob, you are up. >> bob: back in the day, since i was around to cover most all the inaugust rations, for example, going back to abraham lincoln, the second one, there is something absurd about the ncaa. that is the college athletes who are supposed to be going to school. and sports is part of their life at school. but you know that virtually nobody who will go in the n.b.a. draft this year will have gotp out of college?
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i don't think anybody in the last two or three drafts graduated from college. maybe i'm wrong, maybe one or two. when you look at the facts here, ten freshmen apply for the draft this year. ten out of 48 collegiate players. that is just absolutely absur absurd. >> dana: isn't it better than wasting the school's time? >> bob: i think it's waste of the kids' time myself. >> kimberly: this is a sad story. but, you know, the poor girl scouts. there is two oregon troops of girl scouts and they were excited because they thought they got an awesome order but they were duped. somebody tricked them. very sad, actually. >> bob: it was greg. >> greg: yes. >> kimberly: so what happens is they thought it was $24,000 worth of cookies. they are like that is amazing. they ordered the cookies and there was nobody to buy them. they called the company and the company is like listen, we have no idea what you are talking about. they did emergency sale and sold half of them. this is in oregon.
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>> dana: do we know anybody who could buy those cookies? you know, for the children? >> eric: i want to buy some of those cookies. we got to go. that's it for "the welcome to "red eye." it is like "so you think you can dance" i mean escape. let's go to tv's andy lea vee. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> a greek soccer player banned from the team after scoring a game winning goal. the shocking story i don't understand. you did what? seriously? a nazi salute? oh, never mind. and does the history channel look like a certain president who may or may not have been born in hawaii? i am told this is a normal investigation and not a special one. and finally, what is the
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republican national committee's prescription for what ales the gop? hopefully percocet. >> thank you, andy. >> did you survive st. patrick's day? >> i did. i only worked a three-hour shift. >> that's not bad. >> all i had to do was show up at the bar and sit on the stool, and that's it. >> i would think the walk home has to be the worst part. >> people are always patting me on the head. >> although you kind of like that. >> i do like. it but you know what, -- i do like it, but it gets weird after awhile. i feel like an object. >> all right. >> all right. >> i don't care to talk about this. >> let's welcome our guest. she knows emerging markets like i know sleeping at targets. i hide in the junior section. it is the best section by the way. i am here with fox business network stocked for, liz mcdonald. and he is so sharp he stinks of cheddar. michael moynahan, the daily beast cultural news editor. what does that mean?
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and mily -- my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if comedic side ducks came as a sidedish he would come in a bash. bag. >> and now a one hour pile of garbage. >> was it an honest mistake or a message of hate? a greek soccer player, is there any other kind, has been banned for life for his national team after celebrating a game-winning goal with this nazi salute. go -- he initially claims he was merely pointing at a pal in the stands. and then later he didn't know what the gesture meant. the 20-year-old issued an apology noting, i want to clarify i am not a neo nazi or racist.
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i had a step brother from puerto rico and my family is from the black sea and have experienced racism in the worst ways. i sincerely apologize to everyone i insulted and not knowing exactly what i had done in my celebration. nonetheless, the fact that i did not know what i was doing is no excuse. i think somebody needs to show this bigot what celebrating our differences is all about. >> if a cat can learn to feed a dog, can't the racists of the world get along as well? and what about gay marriage?
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norto -- >> i prefer you leave off the first. >> is it possible this idiot didn't know the meaning behind the gesture? >> i think i was attempting to fly is a more believable explanation. it is not appropriate to give a nazi salute ever. i will say if i give a girl an orgasm i treat myself to a good goose stepping around the car. >> around the car? you are really a romantic man. you don't even spring for a hotel room. not when you have a roomy backseat in the celica. e-mac, everyone is living longer so this my opinion, 20 is like the new 12. could it be his youthfulness, the fact he doesn't know from playing soccer could except him from his ignorance? >> maybe. but how many times did he make
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the mistake? i have seen him do it in two different photos. >> or did he keep it up there. he kept making different facial expressions while keeping his hand there. does that count as one salute if your mouth is moving? i am not sure. i haven't looked it up, and i probably should have looked it up in my salute book. michael, you said this incident made you a fan of his for life. that's disgusting. >> why? i mean, it is a political party. he is involved in politics. he is young. i appreciate the engage meant. >> you say this is getting involved? >> we encourage young people to get involved in politics and he is doing it. for the youthfulness, this is how dumb the kid is, can i do the lazy hitler one? it is like i am the furor and you are all -- he had a tatoo that said "get rich or die
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trying." i believe on his chest he is quoting 50 cent. he is clearly not racist. >> so true. by the way, didn't david bowie do the same thing and nobody cared? >> he did. he did the nazi thing and then got in trouble with "rolling stone." >> he was talking about the fashion sense of the -- >> of the nazis. >> they did have good fashion. >> apparently. you don't like to point out the good parts because they killed people. >> what did he do afterwards? what we all did, marry a black woman. >> isn't the nazi salute the stupidest salute ever? >> in hindsight, yes. >> that's a salute including the lazy hitler one. >> i would like to rally condemn both of them. this guy is banned from national teams. does it mean he could play in
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your hobo league? >> no because many of the hobos are, believe it or not, members of the jewish faith. i will answer your question with, and i know you love another question, why? i ask the media gods this, but why must we insist on both television and newspaper, radio -- well not radio, but it is a signal that basically means death to all jews and it is fine for all of us to show. we have some f-ed up priorities, people. as far as he is concerned i am trying to believe him because high never heard smart and soccer player in the same time? >> i honestly think he didn't know. i know that it is -- look. he is 20 years old. he probably has been playing soccer since he was 8. do you think he knew it? >> yes. >> he clearly knows that. >> the german neo nazi party
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is making headway in greece? he probably saw it on tv. it probably means yay greece. >> there are like 18 or 20 seats . >> you have a sport that is obviously known foray shall -- for racial tolerance with a country with neo nazi in parliment. then his excuse city was waiving to a friend in a hitler salute. >> was this a hitlarian slip? like he forgot he was in front of millions when he did it? >> i played soccer for 10 years. when ever i would score you want to celebrate, but i would go to midfield and pop lock. >> that is what america needs to see more of. i find that kind of offensive. from hitler to hates. was their choice for say tan a sly wait of hatin.
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the mini series "the bible" denies the satan character resembles president obama. viewers were tweeting that the actor looked a lot like our kenyan born communist lady hater. the next day the producers said in a statement, quote, this is utter nonsense. the actor who played satan is a moroccan actor, of course, who previously played parts in several biblical shows including satanic characters long before barack obama was elected president. which means they mean obama is copying him which is what the anti-christ does. the history channel says it is unlukely anyone made this ex c. but more importantly, what does demon dog think?
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>> that is kind of adorable. is this too much of a stretch? obama could be say tan and they -- satan and they figured it out on the history channel. >> it is likely. as a historian i am saying that. not as a guy. i mean, i wanted to say that this is nonsense because everyone on twitter is the worst. they are like, everyone at the history channel is racist. by the way, why is it on the history channel? satan and history, maybe. >> you don't believe satan was part of history? >> i am a skeptic. >> have you seen the last season of "girls"? a little topical humor. >> i don't know what that is. he totally looked like barack obama. that's the problem. it messes it up and their excuse is like, you know, but he is a respected moroccan actor that you picked because he looked like barack obama. it doesn't say anything. it could have, i don't know. >> i was told he doesn't look
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at all like barack obama without make up and they used make up to make him look like barack obama. >> i hadn't heard that. i know we run in different circles. >> i hate to surprise you with that information. >> this is not a new phenomenon. i remember when "gamara" came out they said it was based on candy crowellly. boo candy. >> i love gamra. >> talk about to be uh cal. >> gamra was a flying turtle? >> yes. >> like i should have known. >> it shot laser beams, right? >> of course. >> right out of the old mouth. >> just like candy crowellly. liz, is this a kins -- is this a coincidence? i don't think this is a coincidence. >> i was struck by the resemblance. i couldn't believe it, actually. is it a coincidence? yes, it is. look at that coincidence.
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did anybody watch the bible series? >> just parts of it. >> no, i what's busy going against the 10 commandments. >> i want to know why they always have british people playing the character? >> why does jesus look aryan, did you see that? that greek soccer player would have loved this jesus. >> i thought jim jbullet was jesus. >> they should be a bunch of italians fighting among themselves. >> i have some movies you will like. bill, you said say ton would return in the form of a kenyan-born president. >> i don't want to say happy, but it is smug. >> at first i thought this was not intentional. mark burnett was the producer and he was given to the obama campaign in the past. but who is the producer of
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celebrity apprentice? it is headed by none other than donald trump who thinks he was born there. >> and each of them thinks the other is satan. >> exactly. >> if this is bush, they would have gotten a guy who looked like him and named him george wsatan. who cares? he is the president. they will take shots at the president in shows like that. >> my theory is the president looks like a lot of people because he is kind of a handsome character actor. he reminds me of the guy who quits smoking. he looks like he is a thin good looking black guy who is used a lot and that's what happens. you are looking at me -- >> it was the chantix thing and i don't see color. >> he is half black, by the way. >> is that true? >> yes. he had a white mother.
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>> oh. >> the white half was in the cialis commercial. >> why do they always have the blonde guy from "the karate kid" as jesus. that was a complaint in the story. it was in "the huffington post." they said, they have a big black man character with a taste for white women. if you think he looks like obama, there is still another really stupid story embedded in here to get angry about. >> excellent. let's move on to the next one from the devil to the deposits. will they yank from the bank? cypress, an actual country allegedly, is aiming to rescue the economy by raising 10% of the people's fake accounts. on tuesday lawmakers from the tiny african nation will vote on a plan that will allow them to vacuum up citizen savings. as a condition to receive a 12 billion euro dash that's --
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that's not a dollar. and they are rushing to take out their money which lead to the government shutting down all of the banks until at least thursday. most upset about all of this is the russian president, vladimir putin. they are rumored of depositing 19 billion euros in the cypress banks. anyway, let's go live to cypress. >> leave him alone, man. >> almost as good as a hawk eating a mouse video. >> what did this mean for
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america? and america ferarra as a country. >> cypress is to russia as the caymen islands is to the united states. i don't think it is going to affects our banking system. they had that choice. either that country defaults or they tax the banks and it is the russian money that is in there. >> let's say you have money in the caymen islands. >> oh, i do, greg. >> you probably do. and then all of a sudden the caymen islands decides they will take your money. isn't that an act of war? >> are you a dope for doing it. qaddafi did that. all of those people had the money. the libyan banks and qaddafi and your choice is to poke them in the chest and say give it back and he said no. that's the risk you take. you save on taxes and you put it in other countries, the risk is they will take your money. >> something out of this story that can anger people.
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given what happened in greece and cypress couldn't this happen to us in america? >> this could not happen to us in america. the idea it is russian money isn't true. it is a higher rate for those over100,000 euros. they are putting like 50,000 euros in cypress. the whole thing is enraging especially because the first story of i -- the first story i read,. >> i mean, my argument is it can never happen in america. we would be out on the streets. why would we take it? we don't care about rich people? >> it is not that we don't care. we have been lulled -- the only way you would have guns in the street is if they were going door-to-door taking something physically. we would just take it.
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look where the taxes are now. >> italy tried this in 1992. when they slapped a tax on bank accounts, people took their money out and there was nothing to tax. it doesn't work. >> banks are where people put money in order to save their like buildings. do you understand? >> you lost me at buildings. i like the open air. climate. i like the rain to wash me. >> you keep your money in a coffee >> i do because i won't tell you which can. this will never happen to us because our banks are ensured by the fdic. no money has been lost even if a bank has gone belly up in the history of the united states of america. >> they are just taking money from the bank. >> they could go belly up. >> they will collapse. >> have i a hobo neighbor that
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is belly up every night. >> bill, -- belly up, bob. >> do you have a problem? >> we have to -- we have a hard break coming up. that's tv lingo. coming up, are you only as olding a you feel? jim norton discusses his new book, age is the state of mind and not a measure of time. i will cherish that book. but first, should third graders be exposed to the horrors of war? i don't know. i really just don't know. these pieces make me so emotional.
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new york state has approved a curriculum for third graders that includes picture books and depictions
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of war. and the librarian of basrah they drop bombs on a middle eastern town. as frightened citizens wonder who among us will die and will our families survive? another book is about a youngster kidnapped in afghanistan by soldiers and addresses the treatment of women. they say the syllabus is only recommended and principals have the final say on what kids read. meanwhile, this dog has also been added to the curriculum. >> they invented a new creature. that is no longer a dog. by the way, it is adorable,
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but you know what else is more adorable? the 500 hours of intense torture that they inflicted on that dog. think about how long they made that dog do that. >> the guy with the camera holding a cattle prod. >> that's not a dog. >> that dog has knees. it is against god and man. >> people are going to start doing this with animals because now you have a walking dog. everybody will want one. they are gone ma want one. i want one. >> it looks like the guy from "the shining" and he had the guy's head in his lap? remember that? >> does anybody remember? >> textbooks. >> thank you, liz. are these books in appropriate for third graders ? >> in third grade i was trying to read books about sex because i was precocious. i mean, i don't think it is right. i think it is too graphic. >> how about you? you wrote a book on
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transgender sex workers. >> i put myself and those, woulders together. i think this is perfectly appropriate reading. it warms them up for fourth grade. "50 shades of grey" which is good reading. >> now they just show the movie. >> go out and get a bucket of lard after that one. >> i loved it. >> you loved it? >> one of my favorites of all time? >> coigula? >> yes jie. you say there is malcolm mcdowell, that friendly guy you have seen in all of the tv shows. >> like "clockwork orange." >> the malcolm mcdowell these days is night and day from "coigula" and" clockwork orange." he has white hair. >> he is on "franklin and cash." he is the rich lawyer of the firm with a heart of gold. >> exactly. >> and manipulative.
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>> let's play some darts. i forgot again what this topic was about. >> malcolm mcdowell. >> cross fire of the worst british accents i have ever heard. >> cheerio. >> it was about the schools. >> should you keep kids in the dark? >> the first one i do not agree with americans bombing basra, but the knuckle dragging taliban, i agree with that. >> you can cherry pick it. anything that is going to the middle east will not be pro american. >> actually it was the british that controlled basrah during the war so i am fine with it. >> okay you changed your mind and made me look like a fool. they approved punching you in the stupid face. those words. >> that can't be legal. i want to see the story. i am not buying this. of course let them see this. scare kids, scare tactics. maybe they will be less likely to get into war in the future. drill it into their head.
12:29 am
it only works if it applies to drugs. i know when i was a kid i was making my own books. they were horrific. it was about mutilation. i too was precocious. >> greg, what ever happened to the old -- when i was a boy what was better than picking up a "highlights" magazine. >> i wish they made out. >> why not books on great world war ii battles, bravery, heroism? >> it is okay with wars as long as it is ones we won. >> "highlights" magazine is not as inspiring. sorry. >> this segment was nonsense. but it was a good nonsense. >> malcolm mcdowell. >> do you have a comment on the show or my finger, e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your
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animal doing something interesting? a dog walking itself? that is not a dog anymore. it is not a dog, america. fox eye. click on submit a video. we might use it. the half time report from tv's andy levy. he can't walk. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by komodo dragon. the large indonesian lizards that can grow to a length of 10 feet. thanks, komodo dragon.
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let's find out if we have anything wrong so far. >> i don't know what that means. >> it is "game of throwns." >> oh, jofrey. >> earlier today i was watching and i guessed it was on an espn show. >> it was "the five" and toed news. and it was fox news. >> i don't know what that means. you picked pumpkin over sunflower? >> yes, i did. >> bad move. >> pumpkin seeds clear parasites out of your body. >> sunflower seeds put parasites in your body. >> people at home are look at a parasite. >> thank you. >> that is not a smile or something on jim's face.
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>> i feel angry. >> greek soccer player banned forgiving the nazi salute. you said he was just pointing at a friend in the stadium? >> yes. >> it turns out his friend gee guillermo was in the stadium. it is entirely possible. we don't know. you asked how many times you made the salute. i think it is just once and what you have seen is three still photos. moynahan, you said it is great to see young people get involved in politics. all of the rock the vote psa's it doesn't matter who you vote for, it is just that you vote. >> you can't argue with rock the vote. >> you said he had a quote from 50 cent tatood on his chest? >> yes. >> it is fity. >> fity? >> what does that mean? >> i am having a fity, like a fit. >> is that another way of
12:36 am
saying 5-zero? >> could this table be less hip hop? i am the only one here with flava. >> why would i listen to somebody called fity cent? >> why would you? he is apparently fairly conservative. >> he won't come on requested rete eye." -- on "red eye." >> you asked him? >> many times. >> you brought up the fact that there is a greek political party that uses a salute. >> it is elizabeth mcdonald. >> thank you, elizabeth. interesting quote from the head of the party on why they use the salute. he said they called us nazis once, twice, 10 times, but never called us thieves. these hands may sometimes greet like that, and then he does the nazi salute, but these are clean hands. they are not dirty. they have not stolen. >> i think they are absolved of all guilt at this point after i heard that. >> it is because they haven't been in government before.
12:37 am
that's why they haven't killed anything. >> also by the way though probably this would not be a good defense for the soccer player to use given you might remember we did the story of the hurdler who was i can cked off the olympic -- kicked off the olympic team. she had sympathies with the golden dawn party. a lot of greek sport people. >> they invented athleticism. history channel -- -- >> wait, andy, what about -- should he have been banned for life? >> that's a good question. i am always wary of banning people for life for making a mistake even if it is a pretty big one. >> how about sensitivity training? >> love the sensitivity training. >> should dennis rodman go on sensitivity training for hanging out with the leader of north korea? >> no, i think it is fine he did that. i like he did that. i do. i said it before, if we will be self-right chose of who we
12:38 am
hang out with stop holding hands with the saudis. >> that's the country that runs death camps and starved two million of theme people. -- of their people. >> at least they are out in the hope. saudi throw rocks at rape victims. that's worst. >> i don't buy he didn't know it was at least a facist salute if not a nazi salute. is history channel satan looks like president obama. moynahan, you asked why it was on the history channel at all? i guess it is because the bible is part of history. >> i guess. ii am not saying anything right now because of twitter. you know what i am talking about, levey. >> you don't need to believe in the bible. the bible itself is a historical work. so even if you don't believe it, you can't say it is not a historical >> i just said the dude looked like obama. >> i watched a little of it and it is not bad. >> really? >> yes. >> i have heard micked
12:39 am
reviews. mixed reviews. >> that would be a great name for a show, mixed reviews. >> and it has nothing to do with reviews at all. it is interracial couples. >> it is revue. it is mixed re view -- revues. and i would think it is important to point out that satan was kenyan. >> wasn't he moroccan? >> he looks kenyan. >> they all look the same to you, don't they? >> satans? devils? >> he was more rack can, but -- moroccan, but the president is kenyan, is that what you are saying? >> and a lady hater. >> by the way, i want to nerd out and no one will get this erches reference on the set, but i think he looks like mark leonard playing spoke's father. >> i got it. >> i was about to tweet that. >> lied. >> i wrote that on my blog
12:40 am
last night and shame on you for ripping me off. >> i did a separated at birth at bill separated at birth .org. >> i said he looked like the emperor from "return of the jedi." it is a fun take on it. >>- q. i -- spirited. >> actually joe lieberman looks like him. >> a little bit, before the accident. >> cypress, emac you said it doesn't mean anything to america. so should i put my money back in the bank? >> no, don't put it in cypress. we wouldn't put up with it here. >> i am going to put my $64 back in the bank. >> there you go. >> wasn't cypress in good shape? didn't they get screwed over because they owned a lot of greek debt and when the greek debt was written off they got screwed? >> they are the backyard of greece, yes. >> just checking. new york city approves
12:41 am
war-oriented textbooks for students. you all agree these books are inappropriate for third graders while the librarian in basra recommended in grades two through four, secret school and recommended by the school library association. >> who are they? who is the school library association? >> they are an association of school libraries, greg. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> sounds like a bunch of dorks. >> let's go over there and beat them up. >> hey, do you want to join the library association? you bet i do. >> they sound like dorks. >> we meet on friday nights. of course you do. >> neither of the two books actually about war. the librarian of basra is a true story of a woman who was the chief librarian of basra's library. she smuggled 70% of the books out of the library when saddam's government took over the building. >> there you go. >> that's a bad book because the title is so literal. the lady who did something
12:42 am
back in the 80s. >> it is for second graders, jim. >> that's true. >> wasn't the cover like showing very sophisticated jets flying over and dropping bombs? >> but they were saddam's jets. >> i guess it was the british and the u.s. is never mentioned in the book. it is the british who wrent to basra -- who went to basra and the library mysteriously caught fire. >> you did a hell of a job. >> can we call them american haters? >> i don't think so. it was about an afghani grandmother who enrolls her into a secret school because the taliban won't let her go to school. >> we think that is a good book. we are talking about the other one which we realized we hadn't read which means the story was a waste of time. >> funny, nobody minds kids reading the bible where at the end it is the seven-headed serpent shows up and dams you to hell. how come that is okay and this isn't? >> you may want to think about
12:43 am
that serpent the next time you are with a girl in your car, mr. man. >> i would like to poimt out that is not in my bible. i accept your apology. >> and i failed miserably. >> i am done. >> certainly, you are done. i knew i loved you before i met you. i think i dreamed you into my life. not a story, just a note left on my desk over the weekend. how did he get into my office? what is this man banned from all libraries on earth? spoiler alert, some reason.
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they are bent on a big tent. they released a post election report calling for a minority out reach program, much like mine, i imagine, as well as immigration reform according to frivas when they lost in november it was a wake up call. >> our message was weak.
12:47 am
our ground game was insufficient . we weren't inclusive. we were behind the data and digital and the primary debate process needed improvement. >> and you didn't nominate clive owe ven. owen. the plan includes dispatching hundreds of paid workers to the minority communities by the end of the summer as well as building an above ground pool for me. i thought that was worth it. for more let's go to puppy. >> ready, one, two, three, catch. >> that gives me hope. there will never be -- that dog will not be walking. >> a dog is a dog. >> a dog is a dog. >> let's just watch this.
12:48 am
>> liz when i was reading the script you were getting angry. >> which script? >> when i was reading about the republican thing. i thought i saw you getting angry. >> i was thinking to myself, why the big mea culpa confessional right now? we know the story about the republicans. why have a press conference about it? i get it. >> i think you are right. >> yes, the gop needs to do better in the out reach to minorities, but what really matters is is the middle class taxpayer, i didn't hear that in there. that's who will get hit with this government spending. >> right now they are trying to get the hispanic vote and they will do whatever they can to get it. jim, the goal is to attract minority voters. is that the right goal? >> they have to attract a lot of voters. this is basically saying we will smile at the people we have been sticking our middle finger up at for a longtime. i don't have a problem with it. socially they just irritate me. less government, less government unless it is in
12:49 am
your personal life and then you are all for your government telling you who you can marry. i want to have more reasons to like them. >> i agree with you 100% on that. >> they are more likely to protect my money than the liberals. go conservatives. >> you become a libertarian and money and stay out of my bedroom. you wouldn't want to be in my bedroom anyway. >> greg, i am a member of the jim party, guy who thinks he is original. >> mike, isn't it as simple as just find a candidate, support it and sell it like coca-cola and be done with it? >> i don't know. i don't think so. that admission there, by the way which if you notice was like 25 seconds that clip, and it was everything. he was like, this is what we did wrong. if at the end you said that was everything. we just need to get some hispanics. but you did everything wrong getting there. i was just as -- i was just at cpac which was a lot of fun.
12:50 am
i have to say the freak factor was low this year and the libertarian factor is high. the room was packed. i think it was 70% journalists. they had the national organization of marriage and there was nobody in there. there was a big libertarian shift. i think the younger people obviously have no interest in this kind of old james dobson social conservative business. they just don't care. and everybody i talked to without exception who is under 30 was like, we need to change in that direction. a more libertarian direction. >> as a sequential huh maf -- hemaphrodite are you made you are not on the list? >> we don't like to be on the list. here is part of the problem, they are soul searching. nobody wants to hear about somebody soul searching. that right there is an image problem. secondly stop giving birthers
12:51 am
anytime of the day. there were three birthers. i am not saying every birther is racist, but most of you are. >> wait a minute. are you calling me a racist? >> are you calling me a birther? >> have i pictures. i have pictures. >> and when you are trying to get involved with minorities, don't be so obvious about it. don't take every single member of your audience that is a minority and put them at the front of the stage at the end of the republican convention and then everybody is like, look at the minorities. they have eyes. they look back and it is a sea of white. that's the stuff that i think annoys minorities. and doing the speech once in english and one in span ?ish? >> we -- once in spanish? >> come right back, we have to take a break. ander don't forget "joy of hate."
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
12:55 am
a 20-year-old wisconsin man was cots pleasuring himself in -- was caught pleasuring himself in a public library and was banned from all of the libraries on the face of the earth. carter did nothing to conceal the act, but apologize to the police officers. the judge ruled his bail was conditional as long as he stays out of all earth-based libraries. i find that to be highly short sided because, jim, there will
12:56 am
be libraries on the moon. >> absolutely, greg. and if one mistake can keep you out of all libraries who among us can go to libraries ? >> sounds like somebody who has been there and done that. >> many on the table and pray tots dewey decimal system. >> it is becoming like a porn cavern like the homeless. >> can i pass because i am about to be sick in my mouth thinking about this story. >> i will pass on that. >> say something not embarrassing in front of liz. >> you can't do that. you can only get banned in libraries in america. they do not have the jurisdiction. trust me i know. >> what has happened to our libraries.
12:57 am
>> that is clearly going to happen going to be masterbating in the library in alexandria. small glasses on. the only reason he goes to the library -- like he is just going to masterbate somewhere else. i don't think the library -- it used to be true that that's the only place that certain people could get porn, right? but you can get it -- i mean phones and. >> it didn't say he was homeless by the way. >> i just assumed that because they are having a homeless problem in libraries. >> i think this is more of a master because problem not a homeless problem. >> a lot of times they overlap though because people look for places to do that and it is often in the library. we spent more time on this topic than we ever would. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. to see recent clips, fox eye.
12:58 am
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